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"Every product you see in my store has helped me to shape the sound of both my own productions and productions for other clients, with credits including Bullet For My Valentine, TNT, NBC Sports Network, SUPERHOT Team, eOne Music, JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment Corporation, and many more. I trust these companies with my music career, and I want you to trust them too. You will not be disappointed!"

- Zardonic


D16 Total Bundle
16 Effects Plugins & Virtual Instruments


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D16 Total Bundle
16 Effects Plugins & Virtual Instruments

This bundle includes:

  • Antresol - BBD Flanger
  • Decimort2 - Bitcrusher
  • Devastor2 -┬áMultiband Distortion
  • Drumazon - 909 Drum Machine
  • Fazortan2 - Space Phaser
  • LuSH-101 - Polyphonic Synthesizer
  • Nepheton - 808 Drum Machine
  • Nithonat - 606 Drum Machine
  • Phoscyon - 303 Bass Line
  • PunchBox - Bass Drum Synthesizer
  • Redoptor2 - Tube Distortion
  • Repeater - Digital Delay
  • Sigmund - Quad Delay
  • Syntorus - Dual Path Chorus
  • Tekutron - Multi-tap Delay
  • Toraverb2 - Space Modulated Reverb
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